5 Things to Consider When Creating Business Signs

Posted on July 3, 2018

Business signs may seem like a straightforward idea at first, but the job they hold is an important one.

The purpose of business signs is to communicate what your business is about in a short, effective and concise message.

Business Signs Are the First Point of Contact for your Customers


This is why we at Warwick Signs have composed this article, to inform those who are looking to design and create a business sign.


The first thing to consider is where the business sign is going to be located. If your sign is going to be placed on a busy high street, you will to make sure it stands out. A small sign is less likely to be seen in this context, and something that blends into the scenery is also going to be less effective.


You may notice that road signs use strong contrasting colours for background and text – black and yellow, white and red, or even simply black and white for example. This is a good idea for business signs also. You can create a convoluted design, but if no-one notices it in this first place, it’s simply wasted effort.

business signs london underground

Should Business Signs be Simple or Complex?

Your sign should be all about the message you want to get across, and the design should reflect this. Whether to go with a simple design – two colours, text, and a logo, or a more complicated one – characters, multiple colours, an entire scene etc, is an important question. A short and snappy tagline may be enough to capture your business, or maybe more detail is necessary.


The customer should be at the core of whatever you do, whether you work in b2c or b2b. Consider how business signs for different industries look –  a dog grooming company will want to look fun and approachable and will probably go with a more informal or even cartoonish design, whereas, a solicitor would want to appear professional, and likely use a formal and sleek design.Size

We briefly touched on this in our first topic. Size is also something that must be considered when you are designing business signs. If people are going to be looking at your shop from a distance, say as they drive past on a busy motorway, a big sign will be necessary so they can read it. However, if people are going to be walking down the high street as they look at your shop, a smaller sign would do the job better.

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Use Business Signs to Capture your Business Philosophy


Another fantastic method of designing great business signs, is to make sure to only use an experienced bespoke sign specialist.

At Warwick Signs, we create bespoke business signs. Contact us for more information

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