Acrylic Signs – 5 Reasons You Need One

Posted on January 28, 2019

There are many different types of signage for different uses. From banners to neon signs, window graphics and vinyl letters. Acrylic signs are ideal for those who are looking to give a first impression of professionality and formality. (Acrylic signs are also known as perspex or plexiglass signs.)

The following article features our top five reasons why you need an acrylic sign for your work premises.

acrylic signs


Acrylic signs are eye-catching yet subtle and tasteful. They are ideal for companies who are looking to add signage to their office which is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. It’s even possible to “float” the letters of the sign to create an attractive 3D effect.


One practical reason why many people use acrylic signs is that they are very durable and need little maintenance. They can withstand any weather condition including snow, rain, hail high winds and temperatures.


Although an acrylic sign includes a relatively simple and straightforward design, there is still room for a high level of customization. The plate itself can be frosted, clear or even a solid colour. The design can include a simple name in a wide range of colours, or even logo designs.

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Acrylic signs offer an excellent opportunity to improve the branding and brand visibility of your company. Acrylic signs allow for simplicity, which means you are free to use whichever typography or imagery necessary to communicate your brand.



We offer a variety of different signage solutions, but when it comes to combining visibility and professionalism, acrylic signs are the best solution and reflect the class of your company. Most signage is appropriate for B2C, but acrylic signage is primarily for B2B companies.


At Warwick Signs we offer competitively-priced and professional acrylic signs. Contact us here.

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