PVC Banners – 6 Reasons Why They are the Perfect Signage

Posted on July 22, 2019

When considering interior and exterior signage, it is important to choose the type that’s right for your business. Everyone wants to promote their company in the most effective way, but without breaking the bank.

This is where the PVC banner comes in. An old classic in the signage family, the banner method is a format proven to have a high impact at an affordable price.

Below are the 5 reasons why PVC banners could be the business signage for you:

pvc banners


PVC, otherwise known as polyvinyl chloride, holds the fine balance between being a solid, yet flexible material. It can be easily transformed into sheets of a chosen colour, shape and size, alongside fluidly incorporating logos, pictures and texts. This, in turn, makes it suitable for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Advertising products or services
  • Promoting events or functions
  • Highlighting notable achievements
  • Displaying important messages


The strong and flexible material of PVC signage makes it ready to take on anything. The surface is highly resistant to scratches and damage, alongside an increased tolerance to water, making this signage ideal for outdoor use on rainy days. PVC banners also stand up against extreme light exposure, maintaining colour for a significant amount of time. In the UK, where the weather can change in the blink of an eye, this signage caters to all weather.

pvc banners white


Another plus of PVC banners: they are exceptionally lightweight! This not only makes transporting your business signage significantly easier but expands the choice of locations you can place the signage too. For example, light material has the capability to be hung from the ceiling, railings and fences. An ideal situation where these features would be useful is promotional material for a business exhibition.


Combining the aforementioned points of PVC banners being both easily shaped and coloured, with the possibility of placement in some highly advantageous places, we create an excellent mix for great visibility.

Enlisting a design that catches the eye, paired with the sign being posted in an area with a large amount of human traffic, you have an unpassable opportunity to connect with a significant number of potential customers.

In addition, PVC is perfect for vibrant colours and high-quality images, with the anti-glare surface allowing for optimal viewing and a pleasing aesthetic.


The PVC banner is an affordable option for all businesses. They not only have a low retail price but provide an excellent return on investment.

Additionally, any sign maker worth their salt will give you all the guidance you need when choosing a signage product, offering the solution most befitting your business and allowing you to reap the most value from your purchase.

That’s where we come in.

Why choose us?

Warwick signs are a dedicated signage maker company, offering unbeatable expertise through every stage in the sign making process.

No matter your budget or requirement, we will find the perfect sign solution for your business.

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