PVC Banners – 5 Reasons Why They are the Perfect Signage Solution

Posted on July 22, 2019

Through our banner printing services, we help businesses to boost their brand awareness. PVC banners are an inexpensive and efficient way to get your business’ name out there.

Have you ever heard the saying, you should always make an excellent first impression? This general rule of thumb also applies to business signages too. When choosing your business’ signage, ensure that you make your first impression count.

There are many ways our cheap PVC banners can help you do that.

Whether it be an exterior or interior signage, choose the type of signage that is right for your business. Choose the signage that perfectly complements your business.

Every business wants to promote itself effectively, but without breaking the bank. You, too, most likely feel the same way. You want to increase brand awareness, but in the most cost-efficient way possible.

That is where our PVC banner printing services come in. An old classic in the signage family, our banner printing services are proven to provide high impact at an affordable rate.

PVC banners are a form of outdoor advertising, a  flexible and effective marketing strategy for businesses.
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Banners enable you to better engage with your target audiences while they are out of their homes, working, shopping or socialising.

In this blog, we will answer these three questions:

1. Why Should You Choose Our Banner Printing Services?

2. What Impact Can Our Banner Printing Services Provide to Your Business?

3. How Can Our Banner Printing Services Help You Attract More Customers?


A cheap PVC banner designed for the Stratford Upon Avon School entrance sign

Below, we’ve broken down the five reasons why PVC banners could be the signage your business need. Here they are:

5 Ways Our Banner Printing Services Can Help

1. Our Banner Printing Services Supply A Flexible Range of Designs.

With our custom vinyl banner printing service, you can easily customise your PVC banner, transforming it into sheets of your chosen colour, shape and size.

At Warwick Signs, we let you wield power over your banner’s design; you can edit your banner with logo, pictures and texts of your choice. The ability to freely design these banners is what makes them suitable for a wide variety of purposes.

Whether you want a banner for business or personal needs, we can supply you with the banner that you need to send the right message to passers-by.

Want to promote an exhibition at an art gallery? Banners can help you with that.

Need to advertise a fundraising event? Perhaps, a banner can aid you to get your message across to your audience.

If you want to advertise your products or promote an event, and there are even PVC birthday banners.

2. Our PVC Banners are Durable

Not only do printed banners hold a flexible material, but also a durable and sturdy material, so as not to be prone to snapping. Thanks to their strength, these business signages are ready to take on anything.

Their surfaces are incredibly resistant to scratches and damage, for a start.

That, however, is only the tip of the iceberg. In addition to this, PVC banners can also stand up against extreme light exposure and can retain their colour for a vast amount of time.

Last but not least, they are highly resistant to water and so are ideal for outdoor use on rainy days. You might be especially interested in this benefit if you live in the UK, where the weather can change in the blink of an eye. PVC signage caters to all weather.

3. Our Cheap Vinyl Banners Are Visually Attractive

They are exceptionally bright; this is a handy feature when it comes to outdoor advertising.

Why is this a good thing? Well, firstly, when your business’ signage is light, it’s easier to store and transport it. Thanks to their lightness, PVC banners are perfect for companies moving from place to place – businesses such as stall traders and touring theatre groups.

Secondly, when your business’ signage is light, you have more flexibility and freedom as to where you can display it. You could, for example, hang a PVC banner from a railing, a fence or even a ceiling.

What makes these banners useful promotional material for business exhibitions is that you can adjust their location easily.

4. They Increase Visibility

White PVC banner

They can help you improve your visibility, which in turn will increase your brand awareness.

It all comes down to the design and location of your banner.

Create an attractive, eye-catching design and display it in a location where a large number of people can see it, and you’ll connect your business to dozens of potential customers.

PVC is perfect for vibrant colours and high-quality images, with the anti-glare surface allowing for optimal viewing and a pleasing aesthetic.

5. They Are Affordable

Our banner printing services are an affordable option for any business. Not only do banners come at a low retail price, but they also provide an excellent return on investment.

Additionally, any sign maker worth their salt will give you all the guidance you need when choosing a signage product, offering the solution most befitting your business and allowing you to reap the most value from your purchase.

That’s where we come in.


How Can Banners Help You Attract More Customers?

1. Boost your sales

Your target customer is more likely to engage with your business after they view your product/service advertisement multiple times.

Moreover, an attractive banner can help to create a buzz around your brand and pique the interest of new customers. In short, banners are an engaging way to remind customers that your services are available in the market.

Outdoor advertisement invites people outside their home to enter the sales process.


2. Greater Reach

Across the UK, every day, outdoor advertising achieves a greater reach than any other media. That includes TV, too. Furthermore, out-of-home advertising (OOH) reaches 98% of the UK’s population at least once a week. (Outsmart)

It reaches business people, mums, dads, students, commuters, drivers, shoppers. Simply put, it reaches everyone.

3. Delivers the right message to the right audience

When airing an outdoor advert, you can tailor your message based on the location of your prospective customers. It is easier to connect with a target audience when you create an ad that reflects the needs of people in a particular area.


Why Choose Us?

Without a shadow of a doubt, banner advertising is one of the most cost-efficient forms of advertising.

Banners provide high value, but for a low cost. Furthermore, they enable you to localise your advertising campaign, so you only reach the target audience you want.

You can strategically place your banner in a location where potential customers pass by. This allows you to deliver a high impact message to your target audience.

Last but not least, banners allow you to advertise your brand, products and services 24/7. That way, your brand is consistently reaching prospective customers throughout the day.

At Warwick Signs, we know first-hand the importance of signage for a business.

We are a dedicated signage maker company, supplying unbeatable expertise through every stage in the sign-making process.

No matter your budget or requirement, we will find the perfect sign solution for your business. We supply cheap outdoor banners.


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