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Totem Signs

We supply large format signage to shopping centres through to sports stadiums nationally. With the help of cutting-edge, we can provide you with signage that increases your brand awareness. Totem signs are tailor-made to measure and are ideal for retail parks, car dealerships or sports facilities.

Totem signs are tall and large vertical signs, which you may find on roadsides or outside businesses. Their elevated structure makes them easy to see from roads and long distances away. Furthermore, totem signs are unlikely to be obscured. To ensure that they are clearly visible from all angles in a wide area, totem signs can be triple or double-sided.

You can use your business signage for company identification. Moreover, you can also use it to help with navigation or to highlight your products/services.

Totem Signage Design

Warwick Signs Totem Signs

At Warwick Signs, we design bespoke signage solutions to fit your need exactly. There are many different aspects to consider with a totem sign. Height and width are two examples. Some other factors include colour scheme; imagery, the material. Our design team can help you with this.

Our design team can help you with this.

Buying Totem Signs UK

Signage is an investment for business in time, money and space. This is why it is important to get it done right. Our design team will ensure that we create the optimal visual design for your signage, relative to the purpose of the sign, the location, and the company’s branding.

Whether in a busy city centre, tourist sign for an exciting attraction, or an informative and practical sign to help with navigation, a totem is a great solution, with up to three sides, multi-directional areas are no problem.

Custom Totem Signs UK

That’s why we allow for a high level of customization and design, including etching, printing and cutting customization, a material to suit your environment, and colouring identical to your companies’ branding.

If you’re looking for a totem sign or monolith, feel free to contact us for an effective solution.

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