• COVID-19 Social Distancing Graphics

COVID-19 Social Distancing Graphics

The COVID-19 pandemic has disturbed nearly every part of our everyday lives. As a result of the global health crisis, social distancing is becoming the norm. To remind customers to practise social distancing, all major supermarkets have adopted the method of applying social distancing floor stickers. To curb the spread of the virus, all opened businesses should follow suit.

Do you want to clamp down on social distancing in your workplace? At Warwick Signs, we supply ready-made, customised COVID-19 social distancing floor graphics; pull up banners, boards and swing boards. Also, at short notice, we can supply you with A4 and A3-sized Foamex signs and can produce up to A0 size. With their double-sided self-adhesive tapes, our Foamex signs are easy to fit. Our floor graphics can help you to protect your staff and customers better.

Why Choose Warwick Signs COVID 19 Social Distancing Signage?

Our social distancing floor graphics and signage are easy to set-up and apply. They are also durable and our floor stickers can withstand heavy footfall traffic. For floor graphics and wall signage, you can even do-it-yourself. Simply peel off the backing of the sticker, lay it down on the floor and you smooth over it. Job done. There is no hassle. We design our COVID-19 social distancing stickers and signage with convenience in mind.

At Warwick Signs, we print our social distancing stickers and graphics larger than other suppliers. Also, we print round-sized stickers. We typically print our round-sized stickers to 300mm diameters. On the other hand, we print our oblong stickers to sizes of up to 1000m wide and any depth. Our social distancing stickers are suitable for many different surfaces. Some examples include: > Ceramic tiles   > Sealed wood   > Clean, smooth concrete   > Waxed vinyl   > Marble flooring and many more.

Our stickers will fit into any environment. You can apply our social distancing stickers on factory floors, retail shops, cafes, restaurants and many more places. Here are two additional reasons why you should choose Warwick Signs’ social distancing stickers: Our stickers are B1 fire rated and we laminate our stickers with an anti-slip laminate

Get In Touch?

Now more than ever, we need to stay safe and look out for each other during these tough times. Floor stickers, window graphics, A-boards, swing boards, and pull up banners are an ideal way to manage social distancing in retail stores or workspaces.

At Warwick Signs, we can flexibly tailor our COVID 19 signage products to align with your brand. For instance, you can customise your chosen media with a logo or a tailored message for your audience. Large or small quantity, any size and any shape, we can do it! We have the solution for your COVID-19 social distancing awareness issues in your workplace. Protect your staff and customers, give us a call today on 01926 298 779.